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fog machinesThere's nothing like a layer of fog floating ominously through the night air to really add a scare to your yard haunt or Halloween festivities! Fog has that foreboding look to it, things could be slithering around inside and unseen, adding the element of the unknown for your trick or treaters. For a yard haunt you can have the fog fill the air or you can build a fog chiller that will make the fog float close to the ground and around your graveyards tombstones, or both.

fog_machines_1.jpg (18954 bytes)Filling the night air with menacing fog, which your trick-or-treaters must venture through and wonder what could be lurking within it, a fog machine is an absolute must for a truly creepy Halloween haunt. But there are times when you might want the fog to hung the ground rather than disperse through the air. A perfect example would be for a graveyard scene in your front yard. Instead or in addition to filling the air, you want the fog to slowly drift over the ground, around tombstones and over burial mounds, or maybe you'd like it to flow out from under your porch or even down from your roof.

fog machine chillerUnfortunately, the very nature of how these machines produce fog makes this difficult, as the fog fluid is heated to generate fog which comes out hot and rises in the air. To discourage the fog from rising the fog has to be cooled down before it is released into the air. The general idea is to build a device that the hot fog enters and is cooled down as it passes through, i.e. a fog chiller. The Got Fog? website has an article describing how you can build a great fog chiller.

fog machinesWhether you just place one in your front yard to put a chill in your visitors, setup a graveyard scene, or are having a Halloween party, adding one or more fog machines can enhance your visitors Halloween experience. For more information on fog machines visit the Internet's largest website for fog machine related ideas and information at Got Fog?.



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