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No graveyard or haunted house would be complete without a layer of realistic cobwebs adorning it.

To spray cob-webs on the skeleton you can use a drill-mounted cob-web shooter or a new product called "Cob Webs in a Can" to give your skeleton a cob web covering. This aerosol can webbing adds light layers of spider web effects to your Halloween props and decorations. Once dry it is non-flammable and the finished color is an opaque, dull cream. Note - This material will adhere itself to whatever you spray it on and the residue should be considered permanent so make sure that you aren't spraying anything valuable. "Cob Webs in a Can"
can be found at retail Halloween stores.

Used for years by haunt enthusiasts, commercial haunted house operators, special effects companies, movie studios and major theme parks, cobweb spinners are fan-like units that spray out thin filaments of a cobweb like material.

CobwebsYou just pour in some of the cobweb fluid, attach the Cob Web Spinner unit to a standard electric drill (must spin at 1,100 to 1,500 RPM) and you can cover a room size area with great looking cob webs in just a few minutes. The web spinner includes many improvements over other professional spider web shooters including professionally machined parts, large capacity and metal construction. We use our Cob Web Spinner to add webs to our tombstones, skeletons and other props.

Ever wonder how haunted attraction spin their cob webs? Opposed to the unit above, these are called Cob-web Shooters, and that's exactly what they do. Cob-web shooters spray out realistic looking webs much faster than fan type web-spinners. The base unit is a highly customized hot glue gun, equipped with a special tip that transfers the webbing material into a stream of compressed air, allowing for detailed application of cob-webs. These types of web shooters do require an air compressor with up to 100psi.

Whether you need close-in webs for detailed work, or are shooting webs over the front of your garage, this unit can do the job. Using the flow-valve, you can adjust amount and density of the cob-webs produced. The web material cleans off easily, but we always recommend that you test some on important materials. This unit uses regular hot glue sticks to produce lots of great looking cob-webs. Or, you can buy special glow-in-the-dark glue sticks that glow under Black Light. Another nice benefit to these types of web shooters, is that you don't have to worry about the web fluid drying up over time. Minions Web actually has detailed instructions for building your own cob-web shooter, or you can buy a ready-to-go unit for less than fifty-dollars from them.

halloween_cobwebs_8b.jpg (28204 bytes)Stretchable Cob Web
Used well, those bags of stretchable cob webs you can buy during the Halloween season can add a great effect to particular areas of your haunt.

The effect can be enhanced by using the cob web spinner to add light webs around the heavy ones. Used well, those bags of stretchable cob webs you can buy during the Halloween season can add a great effect to particular areas of your haunt.


Large Spider Webs
halloween_cobwebs_3.jpg (16865 bytes)Large spider webs made from cotton or nylon rope can be used to create an entire scene. These are available from three to nine feet in diameter.

We like to hang one of the large ten foot spider webs between halloween_cobwebs_7.jpg (8234 bytes)two trees, at a slight angle. We then use our cobweb spinner to highlight the web and where it connects to the tree for a more realistic effect. From here you can place a large spider prop on it like the 57" spider shown on the left or even add an animated Talking Bucky Spider like we do.

Walking Through Cobwebs
Here's a trick that has been used in haunted attractions for years. Hang pieces of black thread from tree limbs so that as your trick or treaters walk through them it feels like they are moving through spider webs. We like to have a particular area that our guest have to pass through that we use string webs and our Cobweb Spinner over and around the path. This really emphasizes that they are walking through spider webs. Avoid using tacks, staples or other sharp devices to attach the thread, as these might come out and become a danger to your visitors.



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