The Yard Haunter

Now, you have all the components for putting together a great yard haunt! Here are some last minute finishing touches to make the most of what you've done. You'll have the best haunt on the block!

  • Artificial ravens and crows used in in moderation are a great addition to the tops of your tombstones, sitting in trees, and looking over your trick or treaters from the top of your porch, or anywhere they can sit and stare at your visitors as they arrive. These can be found at art's & crafts stores during the Halloween season. Various sizes can be found as well as owls and vultures.

  • Jack O' Lanterns - And lots of them! We carve our pumpkins both the old fashioned way and with elaborate stencils and place them on either side of our front gate, on the porch and in our graveyard. Nothing says Halloween like a warm, glowing jack-o-lantern to great your visitors!

  • Treats - Fill a large plastic cauldron with your favorite Halloween candy to hand out at the end of your haunt to reward those trick-or-treaters for making through in one piece! Or have treat bags made up to hand out.  Remember, you can never have to much candy, but you can have too little. After all, you can always eat what's left over...

  • Fake spiders and bats hanging from tree limbs, doorways and the roof of your house are all a classic touch. Fishing line is best to use to hang these decorations as it's almost invisible. Add glowing eye lights in the bushes to scare all who pass - these can all be bought during the Halloween season at most stores.

  • Stretch yellow caution tape along the route through your yard haunt. This adds an extra level of scariness and helps to keep visitors where you want them. You can find a variety of Halloween related caution tape this time of the year at most Halloween and department stores. Click here to read more about Spooky Tape.


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