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halloween_lighting_2.gif (1367 bytes) HALLOWEEN LIGHTING TIPS
Creating your Halloween Haunt almost always means the addition of strings of decorative lights, strobe lights, black lights, Special FX, electrically powered decorations and the list goes on. Properly used, lighting will all add to the ambience of your haunt.

Whether you haunt your yard, garage, house or all three, you will most likely be adding an assortment of lights. Strings of decorative lights, flood lights, strobe and black lights and the list goes on.

Over the years we've learned how important proper lighting techniques are to Halloween haunting. Properly done, lighting can make the scene, while poor implementation can ruin it.

A graveyard scene is a perfect example. Lets say you've created a small graveyard in your front yard using a dozen quality tombstones, a couple of fake ravens and a few pumpkins.

If you under-light the graveyard it will not be very visible and have little or no impact on your visitors. Conversely, if you over-light the area you can ruin the effect by making it to stark.

In the case of a graveyard scene like the one above, we would recommend adding a couple blue colored flood light to illuminate the graveyard, setting one on either side. Check out the pages to the right for more ideas.

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